Sustainable travel and our core values

At Incredible Indian Tours, we have a number of core values that are inbuilt into all the trips we operate. This is our sustainable travel philosophy:

We have a responsibility towards all communities we visit, to ensure the benefits are spread throughout the community and that any impact is as positive as we can make it. Our group numbers are kept small (maximum ten) so that we do not overwhelm a small community with sheer numbers of tourists. We do not have included meals (lunches/dinners) where options are available nor do we ever take our clients to shops for commission, but always recommend they make their own way to local vendors to spread their business around.

We ensure that our trips create as low an environmental impact as possible, by using local partners who have a sound policy of responsible travel, and/or make every effort to adopt long term sustainable practices in their business, be it our accommodations, safari operators or transport suppliers.

Our employees and team members share our beliefs towards sustainable travel and believe that to travel is a blessing and with it comes a responsibility to give back to those we visit, and locals we work with, be it sharing friendships, assisting those who are less fortunate and encouraging and supporting local efforts to make a better world, for themselves and everyone in it.

Where feasible, we stay in smaller, family owned and operated accommodations, rather than increasing the profits of the major hotel chains. We support organisations, shops, restaurants and others who utilise eco-friendly and/or community welfare methods in running their businesses.

TOFT logo

We are a member of TOFT (Tour operators for Tigers)

We are in the process of setting up the Lilian Luck Trust which will compensate villagers for stock losses by wild leopard in rural Rajasthan.

A percentage of profits from specific tours are directed towards the following projects:

Animal Aid Animal Aid Unlimited
Support Rural Nepal Support Rural Nepal (Rebuilding Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes)
Wildlife SOS Wildlife SOS (Protecting and conserving India's natural heritage)
Rang De Rang De (Microfinancing)
Seva Mandir Seva Mandir (Development and empowerment of India's disadvantaged)