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The ‘Abode of the Gods’, the Himalayas are the highest mountain range on earth and separate the Indian Subcontinent from China & Tibet .

The Indian Himalayas form part of the western Himalayan range. As the glaciers give way to the holiest rivers in India, the hills of Uttarakhand resonate with a powerful spiritual peace whilst further west, the hills and valleys of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir offer the scenic beauty to be expected in a country that reveres the fresh mountain air as a panacea to the hot and humid plains below. Further north, up and over the main Himalayan range is the magical land of Ladakh, known as ‘Little Tibet’. Inaccessible by road for much of the year, the Lakadhis are a unique mountain people thriving in a starkly beautiful but inhospitable land.

In contrast, the landlocked country of Nepal is one of the adventure capitals of the world. A land of extremes from the heights of Mt Everest to the lowland forests and rivers. A country of rich culture and heritage, a charming blend of religions, races and incredible natural beauty, Nepal is a destination that can offer a vast array of experiences from elephant back riding to trekking, whitewater rafting to mountain climbing, heritage rural stays to cosmopolitan nightlife. Nepal will amazing you with its variety, its beauty and overall its amazingly welcoming people.

Join us for a journey with a spiritual heart in the mighty Himalayas – abode of the Gods.


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20 Day Trans-Himalayan Spiritual Odyssey

Nepal – India – Bhutan

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About the Tour and your Facilitator

Susanne Ridolfi
Susanne Ridolfi

In today’s modern society, we live indoors, isolated from the life-giving force of the Earth, robbed of feeling how Mother Earth fully nourishes us. Like food and water, air and sleep, Earth’s energy is essential for our Health and Wellbeing! You can’t fully Live without it.

Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions towards a more balanced and fulfilling Life. We search for the appropriate ‘tools’ and methods, the right nourishment to experience this richness and feed our most precious asset in Life – our Health and Wellbeing. The truth is that nothing nourishes you like NATURE! Unfortunately we have managed to disconnect, divorce from Nature and the life-giving force Nature provides. Here is your chance to facilitate a marriage again – join us on this amazing trip to the Himalayas and remarry Nature!

During the 20 days of this Incredible Journey through the Himalayas, You will learn various ways to Energise with Mother Nature, Re-Vitalize You and Connect with Your Natural Power. Through some simple, unique steps for living incorporated into our daily routine whilst on tour, you will learn how to return to your daily life at home, with the knowledge and skills, the ‘how to’ live and Reconnect with Nature from home.

Each day we’ll take time out, be it in an ancient Hindu temple, out in the jungle or forest, on the side of a hill during a trek or in a Buddhist monastery to practice some form of reconnection. We might spend 10 minutes meditating. Perhaps we’ll use Shaitsu and Tai Chi principles to learn how to shift energy around our bodies. Working on various ways of enhancing your awareness and how to best facilitate a nourishing energy flow for you and Your Body, so that you experience pure Joy and vitality in being with Nature. Whatever we do, you’ll feel energized, harmonized and reconnected. And we’ll have the help of the energy of the mightiest mountains on earth – the Himalayas, abode of the Gods!


Susanne was born in Sweden and has been involved in Oriental Medicine for over 30 years. She started her career as a physical education teacher and was one of the top twenty Swedish gymnasts during her teenage years. She has also trained in dance, worked as a fitness instructor, and coached gymnastics teams. Her educational background also includes university studies in psychology and sociology.

Following her interest in alternative therapies, Susanne trained in Shiatsu-Do, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Do-In. She is also a certified ARENA Team Development trainer, a Cranio-Sacral therapist and has extensive experience in the area of management, team training coaches in Listening and Communication skills.

In 1989, Susanne became Co-Principal of the British School of Shiatsu-Do based in London. Together with her husband, Ray, she set up a network of franchises throughout UK and travelled across Europe to teach and lecture in the areas of Shiatsu, health and wellbeing. During this time she established her company ‘BodyDynamics’ to promote health and wellbeing education and technologies.

In 2002 Susanne moved to Australia with her family and they now live in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast where she operates her wellness business, BodyDynamics (Aust), and is dedicated to supporting ordinary people create extraordinary wellness for themselves and their families.

Susanne’s personal mission is to support people to live a joyous and energetic life. At 57 years young, she recently came first in her age group of the Gold Coast half marathon and in the top 10% of the 4000 women competing overall. Susanne chooses to be happy, healthy and wealthy in all that she does – it is her lifestyle choice. She wants to teach you how you can too!

Susanne is the author of several acclaimed books:
‘Shiatsu For Women’ (co-author with Ray Ridolfi)
‘Guide to Natural Therapies’ (author of chapters on Shiatsu and Do-In)
‘The New Life Library, Shiatsu ‘(author) and
‘Shiatsu for Health and Well-Being’ (author)