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Upper Mustang

Have you ever dreamed of visiting one of the last hidden kingdoms a Shangri La in the Himalayas? Upper Mustang was a separate kingdom until 2008 and opened to foreigners in only 1992 and still retains its unique Tibetan culture bred over millennia. The high desert rain shadow of Himalayas receives very little rainfall making this region dry and parched, similar to the bordering Tibetan Plateau. With an amazing culture, stark and stunning landscape, nomadic communities and more to experience, this trek will offer you the rare privilege to visit the exotic land beyond the Himalayas.Experience Incredible Nepal on

Incredible Nepal Tour

This is a sensational non-trekking adventure into Nepal. A land of mystery and tradition, mystics and mountains, rivers and jungles. Join us as we explore the ancient towns and villages of the Kathmandu valley, spend time in hilltop villages with magical mountain views at dawn. Take a jeep safari through the jungle searching for rhinos and tigers. Raft the whitewaters of primordial rivers. Chill out in laid back Pokhara surrounded by the most spectacular lakes and mountains. Take a mountain flight into the heart of the majestic Himalayan ranges*, and spend a couple of days discovering the spectacular Mustang