Add-ons to your Tour

When you take a group tour with Incredible Indian Tours, you will experience a variety of locations and activities. However, taking a trip to the subcontinent is for many people a trip across the other side of the world and once you've made the effort to get all the way here, you might wish to make the most of your time. Perhaps you'd like to add-on a few days somewhere your trip didn't cover, or even to a neighbouring country.

Our specialist contacts throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bhutan ensure we can put together a fantastic side trip or short break.

These trips can be escorted or un-escorted, depending on your desires and budget. So once you've booked a group tour with us, consider some of our suggestions for extending your trip.

  • An ayurvedic retreat in Kerala
  • A week on the beach in Goa
  • A short break in Kathmandu
  • A 5-day visit to stunning Bhutan
  • A week visiting the sights and beaches of Sri Lanka.
  • A trip into the foothills of the mighty Himalayas

There are countless more options, so let us know what your interests are and we will give you some recommendations for a great complementary add-on to your group tour with Incredible Indian Tours.