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Since 2006, we have been operating small group tours, aiming to provide a unique and personalised experience, offering a more local touch, yet from a western perspective.

Our Incredible group tours now cover India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Burma. Some of our tours are for women only, however most trips are for mixed groups. We take only very small groups ­ minimum four and maximum just ten as we feel that the smaller the group, the more personalised trip you can have. A trip that very quickly becomes like a group of friends travelling together. With our small numbers, we can take local transportation in cities and towns for that real immersion experience, and we can fit comfortably in a small local restaurant without overwhelming the chef. We use private transport but also take the occasional flight and train.

We plan our itineraries to give you the best of group travel ­ being shown the must-sees and hidden treasures, as well as giving you ample free time to explore on your own. We might pop in to a friend's home for a meal, or visit a small workshop of a local artisan that larger tour groups miss out on.

All of our set-departure group tours provide a foreign tour escort who understands your needs and requirements, your wishes and requests and we have local guides and contacts everywhere we go to ensure you get the best of both worlds, from knowing where the best afternoon G&T is to be found to where the favourite snack stall frequented by locals is. Our foreign escorts have an excellent general knowledge of the region, and combined with the local guides, you will have every opportunity to come away with the experience of a lifetime and a genuine understanding of the places you've visited.

With Incredible Indian Tours you'll find that we don't just travel from city to city. We get off the beaten track, take an overnight train, jump on a local bus, trek through the mountains or take a walk through a small village market, meeting locals who may have never seen foreigners before.
We hand pick our accommodations, chosen for a combination of its location, character, ambience and most importantly, our hosts. You might spend one night in a hundred-year-old palace steeped in history and the next night in a centuries old fort, a welcoming guest house or a home stay. Perhaps spend a night in the Maharaja's room or sleep under the stars on a camel safari in the desert.

Whether you are rhino or elephant spotting in a wildlife sanctuary in Nepal, searching for the best chai in India, or simply enjoying one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, you will be confounded by the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Experience the heart and soul of the Indian Subcontinent by travelling with us on one of our organised Small Group Tours or allow us to tailor a holiday to meet your specific needs. Lands of countless and colourful festivals, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Burma. They will challenge all your senses and leave you wanting more. Is it any wonder our clients choose to travel with us again and again!

Tailor-made Tours
Group tours are not your thing, or the dates or our set departures aren't quite right? We can also organise independent escorted tours of any of our itineraries or we can plan an individualised itinerary or special interest tour with a focus on, for example, Photography, Wildlife, Cuisine or whatever you like.

We are a boutique tour operator and as such have found that we prefer to work closely with our clients, to the extent that we will not just send you off on a trip unassisted. The Indian Subcontinent is a fascinating and exciting region, but it is also the sort of place that anything can and often does go haywire. To ensure you have a hassle-free and utterly enjoyable experience all of our tailor-made trips come with a full time tour escort (either foreign or local) who is there to smooth the way, organise transport, make sure your hotel room is just right and provide for you space to have the experience you wish to have without needing to be concerned about the day-to-day travel plans. Read more