“Dear Debbie, thank you so much for an amazing trip. It’s been such fun all the way and brilliantly organised by you. I never thought I would be a tour person but I felt very comfortable, but then I was with some lovely people. Look forward to my next trip in the north with you”

Lucie, South India Jan/Feb 2015


Testimonials from Incredible Spiritual Nepal – April 2014


Testimonials from Pushkar Camel Fair Photography Tour November 2013


Testimonials from our Women-Only tours


Testimonials from other tours



“I had the most wonderful time on the Pushkar & Sonepur Photo Tour 2013.  India was everything I had hoped for – colourful, exciting and magical.  Debbie’s amazing organisation and local contacts ensured that travelling in this chaotic country went relatively smoothly. Being with like-minded fellow travelers made this a very special trip.  One of the best experiences of my life. “

Anna Johnston, Sydney


“I recently returned from the 23-day Women Only ‘Essence of India’ Tour with Debbie Kindness of Incredible Indian Tours. The trip was an amazing experience, owing, in large part, to Debbie’s skills as a tour organizer and leader. Debbie is very knowledgeable and passionate about India and this is reflected in virtually every aspect of the tour – from where we stayed (small hotels and guest houses to renovated castles and palaces), what we ate and drank (the Makhani lassi in Jodhpur – yummy!) and the things we did (cooking class in Udaipur, zip-lining at the Mehrangarh Fort, sunset boat trip on the Ganges compete with sitar player and drummer, a hike in Mt. Abu, visits to local villages, walks through narrow crowded streets of every city we visited with stops for chai and local delicacies along the way – the list goes on…) I enjoyed everything about this trip and highly recommend Debbie and Incredible Indian Tours to anyone wishing a small group tour where you are able to experience India in an ‘up close’ and more intimate way. Thank you, Debbie, for the wonderful adventure!”

.Sandy Wallin, Mexico


Thank you for an unforgettable trip to India. The tour lived up to its name – Incredible! Your knowledge, patience and flexibility enabled us to see and experience as much of India as anyone could in 23 days. You shared your love of this country and its people and we all leave now enriched by the experience.

Essence of India Group, November 2010


Debbie – as promised you have done a fine job of delivering the “Essence of India”. The spectacular and monumental history as well as the personal and intimate appreciation of Indian people and their lives.

Alison Gardner, Canada


A magic trip in a fascinating country. Thanks Debbie for introducing us to India’s beauty, complexity and contradictions. Your comprehensive itinerary is enhanced by many special experiences eg the moonlit concert on the Ganges – never to be forgotten!

Suzanne & Robyn, Australia


Debbie Kindness is an apt name for someone who truly loves India and all its beauty and flaws. Many memories etched in my mind will certainly be triggered by your kindness and desire to show us the way.

Florence Giddings, Canada


Our incredible India would not have been incredible without you and the amazing efforts you put behind it. Namaste!

Cindy Taylor, USA


Debbie – thanks for a most incredible and memorable experience. You have delivered all you promised.

Anne Jardine, USA


I’ve just watched the video and seen the photos you took of our Essence of India tour and I realize why I’ve been so discombobulated since my return – I’ve left such a big part of me there and I HAVE to go back to reclaim it! I can’t thank you enough for the time we had in India. Your superb organization ensured that I could kick back and just experience everything that was on offer – and more. Trusting your attention to the details allowed me to maximise my Indian experience – from the quality of the transport to the standard of the accommodation, to the restaurants you recommended. I have travelled a lot around the world but this trip to India touched me so deeply on so many levels that I, like your other group members struggle to find the words that can convey everything from the ‘shock and awe’ to the tears of joy I experienced. Heartfelt thanks to you for all you did to ensure a brilliant time.

Madeleine Green, Australia


“Exceeded all expectations” describes my experience on the 2010 Essence of India tour! While I always seek travel experiences that reveal the true essence of a culture, I found that traveling with Debbie Kindness opened doors that are only unlocked by someone who truly loves the culture and, because of that love and commitment, has nurtured relationships such that her group is welcomed into the “real” culture of India. Debbie’s experience and ability to share her knowledge enabled our group to fully embrace each new city and adventure with confidence and excitement (versus being blindsided by some unknown issue, such as touts, etc.). I look forward to more travels with Debbie!

Laura Days, U.S.A.


I would like to thank you for making my trip to India extremely special. You eased us into the culture, making us comfortable to venture on our own and gave us options whenever needed. Your tour was indeed incredible and you incorporated all different parts of Indian culture and cuisine. You also gave us a taste of heritage accomodation. You took us to all of the major destinations, explaining them with your enthusiasm and knowledge. I loved the trip and would thoroughly recommend anyone take a tour with you.

Anne Skeer, Australia


Debbie, a few times I sat down and tried to express briefly what I got from that amazing 3 weeks in my life – how often can you say you can recall so much of three weeks of your life? – but every time I failed to capture what was so inspiring, so awe-inspiring about that time…I wanted to talk about the emotions and the images, the regrets and the overwhelming sense of calm – joy – peace – perspective I variously felt about that time with our little troupe but I never quite nailed it, and never quite captured the moments, the many moments you made SO special for us.. it almost made the Taj seem just like another day…and I KNOW that that was NOT just another day…it was ANOTHER day I can never forget…

I SO hope you continue taking groups to India…you know it all so well…you are SO good at finding the most remarkable remote and jaw-dropping experiences- explaining and supporting our once-in-a-lifetime LIFE giving experiences…the world of travellers need you to keep them so inspired…you cocooned us in your knowledge and exposed us to parts of India we would NEVER have experienced…a truly Freudian awakening – and every part of it was fire in our memories and our hearts – burning deep and so full of wonderful positive energy…

I’ve visited and spoken to our German connection since last we spoke and they too feel so deeply about the experience and your gift to us – something we will never ever forget….THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…

Andy Sammut, Sydney, Australia


We were looking for a new destination, one that would challenge all our senses! India more than satisfied our lust. The colours, the people, the sounds, the sights and the food were more than we could have ever hoped for! With only 3 weeks leave we were able to taste so much of the real India, experience the rich culture, sights and a variety of accomodation from castles to palaces, overnight trains and camping in the desert. India can be difficult but Deb’s careful planning and expertise made for one of the most relaxed holidays we have ever been on. It was a trip of a lifetime, one that memories are made of, we can’t wait to go back!

Sharon and Richard Down, Queensland, Australia


Wow! What can I say. My first trip to India with Debbie was absolutely amazing! Given Debbie’s love of India and her years of experience leading tours through India, we were privileged to see her favourite parts of India, catch glimpses beyond the tourist trail and be invited into her Indian friends’ homes & hearts. She maximised the use of our time there ensuring we saw as much as we possibly could. Debbie steered us away from potential scams and didn’t take us to shops where everyone is on commission. She explained Indian dishes, encouraging us to be adventurous with our food along with educating us on etiquette and cultural sensitivities. Seeing India under Debbie’s guidance was fantastic and I can’t wait to travel through different parts of India with her again. I cannot recommend Debbie’s tours highly enough. You will have a very special experience.

Mandy Hall, Sydney, Australia


Going to India was definately a highlight in my travelling journeys! The culture and the people and the country’s landscape are just amazing! If you have never considered travelling to India, I urge that you do – it will change your life! And going with Incredible Indian Tours was also great – they gave us a great understanding of the culture and the people. We spent time in the less touristy places and really soaked up the real India! All round a fantastic adventure – one that I hope to do again!

Kim Ferguson, Australia


We can’t recommend Debbie highly enough. She is very organized, but also makes the journey so enjoyable that all her background work appears effortless. We have done two trips with Debbie and look forward to the next one, wherever the journey may take us.

Lynn & Mike Fisher, British Columbia, Canada


In 2006 I went on a tour of central India organised by Debbie Kindness. I had not travelled with Deb previously and it was my first trip to India. The tour embraced the sights, sounds, colour, movement and contrasts that is India. Deb’s contacts in the many cities we visited, enabled us to travel hassle free and experience the Indian way of life at a level, I imagine, is not available to most overseas visitors. Her negotiations with porters, transport operators etc. reflected her intimate knowledge of Indian ways and custom. I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie as a very competent tour guide, particularly of India and I look forward to travelling with her in the future.

David Hope, Buderim, Queensland, Australia


A fantastic tour, run by a very professional, knowledgeable and friendly guide who introduced us to India through a variety of transportation, from planes, trains and automobiles. We got a taste of both authentic India, as lived by the locals, tourist India, as seen on countless photos, and even spent a night out in the desert, sleeping beneath the stars. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, with lots of fun and amazing experiences!

Pak Chan, UK


In October of 2006 my wife and I decided that a trip to India was in order. I had been there previously and was aware that travel arrangements in India are difficult and time consuming to make. A good friend of mine, Mike Fisher had previously travelled with Debbie and recommended her. My first impression of Debbie was that she was a very knowledgeable, confident individual who didn’t get flustered very easily. Debbie is a natural leader and I also found her to be very kind. She embodies the finest qualities of a tour leader – honesty, knowledge, intelligence and a genuine concern for the people in her charge. This is not a job for her, it is a passion. We would highly recommend Debbie and would travel with her in a heartbeat. Best of luck on your future travels to India.

Robert Prior and Avril Lewis, Canada

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