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Our Photography tours are for all skill levels of photographers – beginners through to semi-pros who wish to improve their skills – non-photographers are welcome too.

The Indian Subcontinent is one of the most amazing places in the world. If it is not the most photogenic region for a mix of people, travel, architectural, wildlife, landscape and streetscape photography, then I don’t know where is.

Our tour leaders have been planning and escorting tours throughout the subcontinent for 15 years or more and have designed amazingly beautiful itineraries to allow you experience the country, and ensure you come away with great images from a tour that is photo-centric, yet appeals to the non-photographer as well. Who doesn’t love to take out their camera and photograph amazing scenes, interesting people and capture the essence of a travel destination when they travel? We take that to another level by ensuring you come away with incredible photographs.

Our tours have been carefully planned with locations that we know and love to ensure you get to see, experience and capture some of the incredible sights, landscapes, monuments, wildlife and people (depending on the tour) in this vast, photogenic, exotic land.


Our Photographers:

Incredible Indian Tours Photography & Culture Tours are led by Andrea Robinson a multi award winning professional photographer who spends her time between Melbourne, Australia and Kathmandu, Nepal. She has been planning and leading photographic tours in Australian and Nepal for over 10 years.  Additionally, each of our photo tours is escorted by Debbie Kindness, an amateur photographer whose first love is travel, closely followed by photography. Having travelled and led tours through the Indian subcontinent since 1993, Debbie has an intimate knowledge of the destinations we visit, having established close friendships and relationships with people in many of the towns and villages. Because of the small size of our groups, and these relationships, you will have the opportunity to experience the places we visit at a level not possible with a larger group, or a tour led by someone who is less than familiar with the people.  Our group sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 or 10 photographers, so we can ensure you more personal attention and a better cultural experience. We can be far more flexible with our plans making the most of events, weather and other variables.


Our Groups:

Our tours are limited to either 8 or 10 participants. That way our photographers have the time to provide teaching and coaching in both group and one-on-one scenarios. This sized group also ensures that the participants gain maximum exposure from the other group members who may themselves be very experienced photographers with much to share. Travelling and sharing these experiences with similarly like-minded people you will find that you get so much more out of the trip than just amazing photographs. You will make new friends and have a lifetime of fantastic travel experiences.



Our tours are aimed at both the non-photographer, amateur and semi-pro photographers. Whether you simply want to join the group because we concentrate on great locations and timing, and look after the distracting logistics with great accommodation, travel organised and many meals take care of, allowing you to worry only about taking great images, whether you are just starting out on your photography journey and require lots of coaching, or if you just wish to come on a fantastic tour to see some truly amazing places and capture the memories with your cell-phone or point-and-shoot camera, you will get what you want from our tours. Photography concepts, techniques and equipment are covered by our photographers and the locations and itinerary are lovingly planned and managed by your tour escort. We also ensure that the ethics of travel photography (responsible photography) are adhered to, allowing you to impact the people and places you shoot in a positive and memorable way. 


Our past Photography Tours



Pokhara Fewa Lake


Nepal Bhutan Photo Tour with Andrea Robinson 

12-30 November 2015 .



Pokhara Fewa Lake


India Photo Tour with Andrea Robinson

1-15 December 2015




About our Professional Tour Photographers…

Andrea RobinsonAndrea Robinson is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia and Kathmandu, Nepal. Her passion is landscape photography and it is for her landscape work that she has won numerous awards both Nationally and Internationally over the last 9 years. Andrea has spent many years teaching, lecturing and judging photographs in Australia. She runs photographic workshops and tours through her business “Photo Tour Experts”.

Andrea will be your Photographer on our Nepal/Bhutan & India photo tours in 2015.

Andrea Robinson






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